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Who we are

The Indian Nations Football Conference (INFC) is home to the largest and best youth football and cheerleading in Oklahoma.  Nationally recognized as providing a tackle football environment that touts some of the best high school football programs in the state.  The INFC provides area youth with the opportunity to experience the great game of tackle football in a competitive and safe atmosphere.

With over 300 tackle football teams, the INFC consists of two divisions, these are the "A" and "2A" divisions. The "A" division consists of larger districts or clubs as efined by the High School association within the territorial boundaries of the INFC. The Double "A" or" 2A" division consists of traditional clubs or districts that are smaller in enrollment as defined by the HS Association as well as "A" division teams who meet the criteria for the expansion division.

The INFC does not grant membership to individual teams but to those clubs who are capable of fielding a team in at least 3 grade catagories. If your club or organization is interested in learning more about the INFC or your club is seeking a comparison to your current league membership you can contact the INFC by calling 918-251-1015.

Office hours for the INFC are Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm, excluding holidays.